KCAT Talk of the Town: The Scharf Investment Approach, A Qualitative Edge in Value Investing

December 15, 2023

In a recent KCAT Talk of the Town interview with Scharf Investments’ Research Analyst Jordan Corey, President Brian Krawez said he believes in a value-based approach to investing. Brian has always been passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals and is currently looking at several quality companies that are trading at discount. Brian further expands that the Scharf team carefully evaluates stocks and looks at them as businesses, as if you are buying the whole the business and holding the stock for the long term; this is the approach Scharf Investments takes to help clients grow their investments. “Our typical private client is the millionaire next door, that’s someone who has worked really hard and built a nice nest egg and look to us to help them determine how they can protect and grow their investment.”

To learn more about what the Scharf team can offer you, listen to the podcast.



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