Investment Management

More Potential Gains With Lower Volatility

Scharf Investments has used our unique Multi-factor Analytical Performance (MAP) screen to consistently identify high-quality stocks with sustainable earnings and strong valuations for over 30 years. Our objective is finding the sweet spot of greater upside gains and lower downside risk. For financial advisory teams that share our value system and understand our investment philosophy, we offer investment solutions that are backed by a 35-year performance record.

Our investment process is thorough and comprehensive. Only a fraction of the stocks identified by MAP screens are selected to undergo additional rounds of rigorous research. Even fewer investments are chosen for portfolios, which generally include just our top 25-35 ideas.

Your clients can rely on our team’s extensive experience. Our track record and expertise are firmly established. Since inception, Scharf Investments’ Core Equity and Balanced accounts have outperformed their relevant benchmarks.


If the success of low-valuation strategies is so well documented, why don’t all investors pursue them? There seems to be something about human nature that causes investors to overvalue companies in businesses deemed exciting and undervalue those deemed boring.