Why Choose Scharf

Your money is treated like our own.

Scharf invests alongside our clients, which keeps us fully “in your shoes” when making decisions about risks and returns. We invest and grow your assets with prudence and care, and our co-investing approach has proven benefits. Morningstar reported that funds in which managers had invested over $1 million of their own capital were more likely to outperform funds in which managers had little or no personal investment.

Our stability is grounded in perseverance and proficiency.

While others may chase after the latest investment fad, Scharf Investments maintains a focused portfolio. Our Multi-Factor Analytical Performance (MAP) screen is designed to identify securities meeting our strict criteria. We stand by this disciplined strategy of buying good companies at a discount and history has shown this is the best way to build your wealth, achieve your goals, and secure your legacy.

We provide exceptional support for all your needs.

Providing excellent service is the core of our commitment to you. We work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your goals and intentions. By combining those insights with our broad financial expertise, we help you take advantage of opportunities and safeguard against challenges that could affect your financial wellbeing for years to come. When a need arises, we are there for you, attentively helping you manage your wealth and your legacy.

You benefit from our practiced expertise.

Through diligence, expertise and proprietary systems, Scharf analysts consistently identify securities trading at a discount. While other advisors often pursue overvalued companies in industries that are seen as exciting, we find opportunities in stable undervalued companies that others may overlook. And given our successful long-term performance record, time has shown that being a prudent investor can pay off very well in the long term.

Our advice is transparent and conflict free.

There can be a lot of flash and ambiguity in the investment world. Not with us. We excel at a straightforward, time-tested strategy. Our charges are based solely on assets and performance—there are no hidden fees. Scharf is independent and employee-controlled, and integrity is our core value. Completely dedicated to your best interests, our own capital is invested alongside yours.