An Active Approach

Providing Superior Service and Lifelong Guidance

Scharf Investments works to safeguard your future while helping you achieve your goals. Our comprehensive wealth management approach aims to deliver long-term portfolio growth, downside protection, and lifelong financial guidance. We specialize in purchasing what we believe are undervalued companies with attractive growth potential, and we strive to find you the best investment allocation which allows you to enjoy your wealth.

Our highly developed investing methodology is designed to identify securities across asset classes and geographies that will outperform over the course of a market cycle. Scharf’s time-tested approach also helps reduce volatility, and during our nearly 35-year history, we have found that reducing volatility adds to your investment returns over the long term.

We realize that our efforts on your behalf have real-life implications, and we take pride in being knowledgeable and responsive when needs arise. We focus on creating productive, long-term partnerships to serve your complete wealth management needs.

Scharf selects securities of various market caps, styles and countries. By identifying compelling investments across all asset classes in companies large and small, foreign and domestic, we’re able to put your dollars to work wherever we find opportunity.