Our mission is to add measurable value to client accounts over the course of a market cycle.


Scharf Investments is an independent registered investment advisory firm offering low valuation or 'valuation-sensitive' equity portfolios. We attempt to achieve this goal by tracking relevant benchmarks in rising markets and losing significantly less than benchmarks in falling markets.

Scharf Investments offers personalized services which may take the following factors into account for individual clients:

  • Asset allocation
  • Income tax status and tax management
  • Estate, gift, intergenerational and philanthropic issues

We operate on a fee basis, not on commissions. Clients can choose between the industry standard 'percentage of assets fee' or a profit-based performance fee. In each case our clients' goals and ours are the same — to make their assets grow. Clients are advised objectively, without many of the conflicts of interest prevalent in the investment brokerage community.